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2016 Dodge Viper Review

Posted on: 20 Apr 2016
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The dodge viper is a sports car which is manufactured by Dodge Company. This company is under the Chrysler group and produces the two seats car. In its life, this car has seen many generations with the latest upgrade being the 2016 model that comes with all new and incredible features for sports car lovers. This model is the fastest among other vipers in the racetrack. The downforce feature is what pushes the car down to earth. The harder the car is pushed, the faster the car can take a corner without any difficulty. This car has a number of features that people will love and enjoy.

Larger carbon ceramic brakes

Being a sports car, safety has to be a priority given that the car will cruise at 177mph while it is in top speed. This is why the car is fitted with the carbon ceramic brakes which measures 15.4 inches. This makes them larger than those used in the previous model which was 14.0 inches. These brakes comes with six piston calipers which are clamped into the 19 inch front wheels. This ensures the car brakes within a short period of time to come to a halt. Looking for brakes for your Dodge? You can buy them on www.OnlineCarparts.Co.Uk

Refurbished interior

The interior of the car is driver oriented. The premium materials used to make the inside makes the inside a superior craftsmanship. The dash panel in this sports car is hand-wrapped using very fine leather giving the interior a superb and incredible appearance. This also adds to the comfort of the driver and the passenger as well.

Forward collision alerts

Being a fast speeding car, it features a number of technological systems. This includes the collision alerts thanks to the high sensitivity fitted in the car. This helps the driver to take notice and take action to reduce the collision and reduce the chances of a frontal crash.

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