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A Brief Honda Cbf125 Review

Posted on: 13 Oct 2017
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It comes as no big surprise that many dealers have reported that they aren't able to stock enough Honda CBF125s to meet demand, as this relatively affordable model makes an obvious substitute for the pricier CG125. Bikers looking for a reliable bike at a good price have snapped it up since its January introduction.

The Engine

As the bike's top speed is about 65 mph, you should expect it to be efficient on fuel consumption, rather than provide a fast and exciting ride. Riding frequently on the motorway isn't recommended, because of the relatively low top speed. There isn't much that separates the CBF125 from one of its closest competitors, the Yamaha YBR125, although Honda maintains the CBF125 offers slightly more bhp than the Yamaha - 11 bhp.

Ease of Riding and Handling

You will feel fairly comfortable if you are on the bike for less than about 30 minutes, as the brakes and overall handling are adequate, although the rather cheap twin rear shocks mean you may feel uncomfortable on a long ride. And you may experience a sort of rocking feeling if you are stuck in city traffic and find yourself constantly braking and then accelerating.

Quality and Dependability

Customers have pointed out flaws such as the fragile grommets and weak plastics, and you probably shouldn't expect everything to be the best quality, given the low price tag. Another common complaint on the typical Honda CBF125 review is that the finish on the exhaust doesn't look as though it will last a long time.


Keep an careful eye on the gas tank when you are riding the CBF125 on a longer journey, as you only really have about a third of a tank left, when the gauge indicates half a tank. And the speedometer numbers will let you know what gear you should be in, rather than a rev counter.

Overall verdict

The affordable price tag, along with the reliable Honda name and an aesthetically pleasing design make the CBF125 a great choice for the budget biker. You may decide that taking the bus is a thing of the past, with the appealing price of just over 2000 pounds.

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