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Honda Bikes; Reliable, Affordable, and Sweet Rides

Posted on: 13 Nov 2017
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Honda bikes have been cruising the road for a long time now, and keep hitting the streets with new rides. In January they unveiled the CBF125 and dealers can not keep this bike in their shops. It is a cheaper cousin of the CG125, and selling well in its first year.


This bike is an all-around solid one with a fuel-injected 124.7cc engine. This 4 speed single engine can top out at around sixty-five miles an hour, and is not meant to be a racer. It is designed for inter-city traffic trips for fuel-efficient gas savings.


Handling and Braking

The front brakes are single disc coupled with a drum in the rear. They offer acceptable braking for the bike's intended purpose. Short trips are not too noticeable, but if taking a long run after the first half an hour of riding it will feel like a see-saw.

Dependability and Quality

This ride is made with quality and care, but that does not mean this bike does not have some faults. This is an inexpensive bike because it is made so by the use of less expensive materials. With that in mind, some customers have complained of the finish of the matte black paint on the exhaust tip going dull. Also, a few have complained of having t replace grommets on some of the exterior pieces. There are no serious complaints about the performance of this bike engine or transmission related. Overall, there could be much worse to complain about.

The Equipment

There is an abnormality here with the speedometer. The numbers around the dial show the intended gear for use rather than an rpm gauge. It is easily adapted to after a few rides. The gas gauge is a little on the low side. When at half it is closer to being a third full.

Honda CBF125 Review Overall

This is a good bike for someone in a crowded metropolitan area. It is cheaper in the long run than paying for the bus, and many say more fun too. For £2000.00 ($2680.00) this bike is a reliable and wallet friendly choice for all riders.

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