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How to Get the Best Deal on a New Car Right Now – Don’t Delay

Posted on: 6 Jan 2016
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The thing about getting a brand new car off a lot is that there are a lot of things you have to know, and a lot of nuance so that if you know the tricks you will indeed get a new car for cheaper than someone else might. You don’t have to know much, but you can’t just walk onto a lot and get the best deal and think that you’ve won the car buying game. No, you have to go in with a mission, and be prepared for all their tricks. Remember, they do this for a living, and they do this many, many times every day, whereas you are only in the market for a new car every so often. If you just assume you can outsmart them then you are going to be the one who is out smarted. Here are some tips to getting a great deal on a new car.

Negotiate up Your Trade in

MTVIEW-CHEVYD A lot of people think that if their car is old that it is not going to be worth much on a trade in. They’ll say, hey, we can give you a grand for trade in and you might that that’s a great price since you couldn’t probably get much more than that for a private sale, but the truth is they have a lot of leeway with the trade in cost. They can flip your trade in so easily and for a bunch of money that they will actually be able to give you more than you think. If they quote you a certain value for a trade in, you can automatically know that you can at least double it, and sometimes more. It’s a little known secret that now you know.

Play the Dealers off Each Other

MTVIEW-CHEVYD Remember - the dealers are trying to move units. The actual per car amount is not as important as simply moving the cars. Dealers are always in competition with the dealers in their surrounding areas, and there are incentives from corporate to move as many as possible. If you get on that lot, they want you to leave with a car. For example, what you can do, is you go into Chevrolet Riverside and act like a real potential buyer. Get in a car, make them think you’re really gonna do it. Then, you say you know what, I’m going to go check out the deals they have at Mountain View Chevrolet. They might not even let you leave the lot without offering a deal you won’t be able to pass up. And if they do, go to the other dealer and see what they say and you can go back to the first one and you can low ball them.

End of the Year Shopping

MTVIEW-CHEVYD The best time to go is at the end of the month when they’re trying to make their monthly quota. And the even best time is the end of the year as they’re trying to move their last year’s models.

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