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Looking into Full Motorcycle Training

Posted on: 20 Mar 2017
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It is so important to understand a few things about the process, if you are considering DAS training. Number one, to get this full, unrestricted motorbike license, you will have to be 24 or older. Next, if for more than two years an A2 bike license has been in your possession, by the test being retaken on an unrestricted motorcycle, you can simply upgrade the license. Then once you pass the DAS full motorcycle training, the good news is you will be able to use any motorbike or scooter. If on a manual bike you pass, you can then ride a full or automatic bike. Should it be on an automatic that you pass the test, to automatics only will your license be restricted.

You are going to require a driver's license which is valid, in addition to being the appropriate age. You are not going to need to complete the Compulsory Basic Training(CBT), should you not have an A2 motorcycle license previously existing. The motorcycle theory test successfully completed is one of the requirements to register for the DAS motorcycle training. You will receive the motorcycle theory test certificate number once you pass the test, which you can then put to use in booking your DAS test. Passing the DVSA module 1 & 2 is what the DAS motorcycle training involves.

An off-road test lasting 12 minutes is what Module 1 is. It is designed to test, at low and high speeds, your handling skills and control of the machine. A 35 minute test on the road is what Module 2 is, testing one's ability to drive in traffic on their motorbike. To get a license permitting you to ride bikes with no power restrictions, your tests you will want to conduct on a motorcycle with 595cc and at least 53bph power output. And if a DAS bike is one you are not used to handling, so that you do not topple over, stay balanced when you come to a stop. Always brake sooner than later if your judgement is unsure just when to brake. And so you can be sure you will pass both modules, allow yourself sufficient time to practice. By working with our organization which has trained so many celebrities just how to ride, you will get the very best full motorcycle training that London has to offer.

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