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Review of the Honda Adventure

Posted on: 9 Nov 2018
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If you are looking to enjoy a casual trip down the highway or perhaps a bike that is equally at home doing sports, this review of the Honda Adventure should convince you that you have found the ideal bike. A durable and well built body, along with multiple modes make for a user friendly bike and the excellent suspension makes it ideal for a longer trip.


  • Power- 74bhp
  • Capacity- 125cc
  • Maximum torque- 99Nm
  • Ground clearance- 270mm
  • Maximum speed- 190kmph


Although the Honda Adventure is a budget friendly bike, it will also last you for a long time, thanks to its overall stable build, and most reviewers agree that it's one of the best bikes around in this price range.

Tuneability and Torque

There is a clear difference when you switch between the different settings to achieve the different levels of traction offered. Expect an exciting ride on the Adventure.

Engine Braking

If your idea of fun is twist tarmacs, freewheeling and riding off road, the Adventure with its highly tunable engine makes an obvious choice. Most riders advise there is little risk of crashing even when riding at full power, and it's easy to read the bike's display. And you can enjoy better fuel economy with the feature for bad weather usability.

Advanced Technology

The straightforward design of the bike help to make it easy for anyone to operate, and the bike also features several advancements in bike technology in its design. Whether you have it in manual or automatic mode, you are assured of a smooth ride.


The bike's 125 cc engine makes it easy to power through your ride, and many reviewers describe the automatic and manual shift controls as giving a unique and unforgettable ride.

Bodywork and Comfort

Riders of different builds and heights can be accommodated easily, thanks to the bike's design and comfort hasn't been forgotten either; it's possible to adjust the height of the seat to suit you. And whether sitting or standing, expect the handlebars to provide all the support you need.


* Technological advances * Riding a long distance is comfortable * Want an adventure bike? It transitions easily


* Can cost a lot to maintain the Adventure


If you are on a budget but still want a solidly built bike with great features, look no further than the Honda Adventure. It's difficult not to have an enjoyable riding experience, thanks to the solid and impressive performance of this bike.


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