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The Honda Cbf125 Review That You’ve Been Looking for

Posted on: 5 Jan 2018
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If you want a cheaper alternative to the CG125, the Honda CBF125 is currently considered to be a good, bargain substitute, and one that's capable of providing a touch of class. Bikers everywhere are snapping this model up an incredibly rapid pace, ever since it was brought onto the market in January. In fact, there are actually a number of authorised dealers who are struggling to restock this model at a suitable pace, which isn't surprising in the least.

The Honda CBF125 Engine

The CBF125 has a four-speed, 124.7 cc engine that is designed for total fuel efficiency, rather than excitement. 65 miles per hour is its top speed. This means that you can certainly take it out on the motorway, but you don't want to do this too often. Honda asserts that this model provides 11 bhp, which is one above the YBR125 from Yamaha (the closest competition). Ultimately, there is not a lot that separates these two models when it comes to overall performance.


Performance, Ride And Handling

You'll get satisfactory handling and drum rear and single front disc brakes. For a quick, 30-minute jaunt, you can expect the same amount of comfort that you'd get from any other motorbike. But for a lengthier ride, your behind could suffer a bit due to the low-cost, twin rear shocks, especially while you're out on the motorway. Around town, you can expect a slight, rocking horse sensation as you move between braking and accelerating your way through stop and start traffic.

Quality And Dependaiblity

At such a reasonable cost, however, not everything is going to be perfect. Thus, you should not be surprised or too disappointed by the fact that the finish on the exhaust really doesn't appear to be designed to last. There have definitely been a few negative reports from consumers concerning the black, matte finish. The grommets are fragile and the plastics used for this component are weak.

The Equipment

You can determine which gear you're supposed to be in via the numbers at the speedometer dial, as opposed to using a revolution counter. There is, however, a reliable fuel gauge. When drivers start with full tanks, they'll have approximately a third of this remaining when the gauge registers the tank as being half-full.

Verdict For This Honda CBF125 Review

This is an attractive model from a brand that countless people trust. Moreover, operating the CBF125 is cheaper than taking the bus. People are calling it fun to ride. Priced just above £2000.00, this could be the only transport you ever require.

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